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First day, 30.05.2020.

 SaddleSore 1600K

1.600 kilometers in less than 24 hours Outside USA


Few words before starting!

After the first refueling, Iron Butt started!


Second refill today. The team is holding up well!


 About three hundred kilometers done, today's first pass through Zagreb!

They are currently driving towards Zadar, you can follow their live location from minute to minute on this link.


The team arrives slowly towards Zadar. There is no wind, the weather is good! You can also follow the Iron Butt adventure on Instagram!


The last tank before the trip to Zadar, they are currently about an hour from Zadar. 



The new video is here. Where are they, listen in the video!

The boys are already on the highway to Zagreb. In addition to kilometers, taking care for the motorcycles!


Kazo and Brmbi spent six hours on motorcycles, covering about 700 kilometers. This is what today looks like on the map. With a few repeated stocks.


Second pass through Zagreb!

The boys are in Zadar in an hour. While we wait for the return, here are Kazo's impressions! 




Iron Butt drives at full steam. About 1100 km is behind us.

With visors full of flies, tanks full of fuel and smiles under their helmets, the duo Kazo and Brmbi are heading towards Zagreb.


Zagreb for the third time today. Twelve hours on two wheels!

Difficult section to Rijeka. On the way bends and works, everything that slows down the ride, but the duo does not give up! A short break and gas to Zagreb!

They are on motorcycles from 6 am, but the fun does not stop. At one stop, they even sang.

Kutina done. It's Karlovac's turn, come back and that's it. Kazo is going on a well-deserved vacation. Brmbi, quick oil change and move on!


Here they are, 1900 kilometers is here! Statements coming soon!


Kazimir Šepić, Kazo 

Igor Kukec, Brmbi

Adventure in numbers

1900 kilometers, 13 refueling, a total of 18 hours on a motorcycle. But that's not the end. The service was made on Strom (oil and filter), MotorCoat was installed, the second part of the hunt for kilometers starts in just a few hours! Drive with us still.



 Second day, 31.05.2020.

SaddleSore 2000 Gold

2.000 miles in less than 36 hours


Brmbi did not stop after yesterday's service at Šepić Commerce, he continued the Iron Butt challenge and is currently more than 24 hours without sleep. The video below shows how his sleepless night went

Due to the announcement of bad weather towards the sea, after arriving in Zagreb, he will not drive again towards Zadar but will head towards Slavonia.
A sleepless night on a motorcycle can be quite interesting. Here are the first impressions.


Slavonski Brod, proof! Soon Zagreb, then a few more kilometers.

Literally stopping for a minute in Zagreb and supporting to Moto Gymkhana Croatia!

For the great thing that Moto Gymkhana Croatia does, there is always a few minutes of time! So it was on the Iron Butt adventure. Greetings to the team that educates us to be safer in traffic and gas further in the hunt for miles!


It is difficult sometimes to reach the goal. But that is the charm of the whole story. Challenge after challenge, but if you can’t get around it, go through it!

How was Sunday? A row of darkness, a row of "bura", a row of cold, a grain of sun, a heavy rain and rain!

The mood is still as high as the motivation.

Iron Butt done, 3575 kilometers covered in 36 hours.


First impressions.











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